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Edited by Martina Joller

The Parenting Revolution 

A 360 approach to transform your parenting, moving you from chaos and conflict to confidence and connection in just 9 weeks!

Modern day parenting is hard – in fact it can be a bloody nightmare for so many reasons:

  • We lack the village that it takes to raise a child 
  • We feel overwhelmed because we’re spinning too many plates
  • We are exhausted 
  • We feel disconnected from our  children
  • We don’t feel confident or respected
  • We worry about everything
  • We feel judged 
  • We feel like a failure if we ask for help

There are so many pressures on us, so many responsibilities we take on:

  • our work or business 
  • running our homes: shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry (this list could go on!),
  • trying to meet all the needs of everyone else in our family 
  • getting the kids to school or clubs on time
  • arranging playdates  
  • scheduling appointments around all other commitments
  • helping with homework and projects
  • dealing with  friendship issues and sibling arguments 
  • trying to squeeze in our own self-care or time with our partners
  • the mental strain of remembering and organising EVERYTHING
  • disagreeing with our co-parents on how the kids should be parented

These are just some of the things that come to mind – I’m sure you can think of plenty more! Just writing about all these responsibilities  is exhausting, let alone living it every day. 

The reality is that usually the majority of all that workload lands on us as mothers. 

Lying awake at night feeling guilty about how we shouted at our kids isn’t what we signed up for. Not enjoying our children  and our parenting isn’t what we expected.. Worrying about how they are going to turn out isn’t fun.. Feeling like we are constantly stretched so thin (and about to break at any minute!) is down-right difficult to bear.  

If any of these sound like you, don’t worry. You’re NOT alone. 

Parenting is tough. Whether you’re doing it alone, with a co-parent or as a couple, there are challenges all along the way. Too often, though, we pretend it’s all OK when in reality we are really struggling. 

And all the while, it’s eating us up inside – the worries, the guilt and the ever-burning question of ‘HOW ON EARTH CAN I MAKE THIS BETTER?’

The intention to change is there but, let’s face it, being a mother in the modern age is probably THE most demanding and challenging job out there. Who wants a 24-7 job with zero pay and often no praise or acknowledgement? In fact, it usually comes with the complete opposite! Finding the time to study all the information out there is not realistic and it all becomes  more overwhelming as opposed to helpful. We end up feeling even more defeated.

We know we want to:

  • enjoy raising our children
  • feel confident in our parenting
  • ditch the guilt and shame
  • sleep better
  • shout less and co-operate more
  • be better at managing our own feelings and emotions
  • be proud of how we handle situations
  • feel listened to, valued and respected by the whole family
  • work together as a team
  • break negative generational cycles
  •  help our children develop a positive mindset with empathy, problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • guide our children  through coping  with emotions so grow up able to create  healthy and meaningful relationships
  • have fun being a parent!

Is that too much to ask?

NO. It’s not. 

My signature group programme The Parenting Revolution delivers just that!

The Parenting Revolution is a holistic approach to modern motherhood which will enable you to move from chaos and conflict to calm connection in just 9 weeks.

What will I get out of taking this course, you ask? Well let me tell you!

You CAN feel proud, happier, connected and true to yourself as a parent. 

You CAN create balance and harmony at home while maintaining personal boundaries. 

You WILL be supported every step of the way to become the parent you always wanted to be. 

You WILL be empowered to become a peaceful parent. 

Join a community of like-minded mums on the same journey in a dedicated and safe space.

If your parenting now isn’t what you envisioned it to be,  then make today the day you make that change  and sign up as a founding member of The Parenting Revolution. 

As a founding member you will get:

  • the lowest price this course will EVER be!
  • Life-time access to The Parenting Revolution, so you can access all future sessions  FREE
  • 8 live teaching sessions with me, Laura, your parenting coach
  • 8 live Q&A sessions 
  • 8 weeks of transformative tasks with resources to support you
  • An implementation week to give you time and space to catch up and practice what you’ve learnt
  • A dedicated facebook group for support 
  • Supportive community of mums on the same journey
  • Safe space to share your worries and celebrate your wins
  • Guest experts for oodles of extra value! 

On top of all that, as a special gift for signing up before the official launch, I am including a FREE  1:1 session with me, which is valued at  £125! 

All of this is available at the founding member investment of just £395!

Payment plans are available to spread the cost.

If you are not sure if this program is right for you, let’s have a chat! Click the link below to schedule a quick 10 minute call (for free!) and we can discuss your needs. Either way, you have nothing to lose and only the best parenting experience to gain!