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Blog Posts & Articles

Why You Need a 30 Day Declutter Challenge (Gloves In A Bottle)

Thoughtful Gifts for Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything (Gloves In A Bottle)

What Does Perez Hilton Love So Much and Wants You to Try Too? (Gloves In A Bottle)

Invisible Kids Eczema Gloves (Gloves In A Bottle)

Psoriasis Gloves: Can We Make Them Invisible? (Gloves In A Bottle)

Why Are People Switching to Natural Botanical Skin Care? (Skin MD Natural)

Yarrow Skin Benefits You Need to Know (Skin MD Natural)

Powerful Breathing Techniques (As Within)

Nutrition: Tips For a New Decade (As Within)

Social Media & Sales Posts

Course Launch Post Series – Facebook (Somatic Imagery Self Healing Course)

Course Launch Post Series – Facebook (Calm Club by The Vet Sanctuary)


Sales Page (From Hurting to Healing – Self Healing Course)

Sales Page (Laura Berryman Parenting Course)

Personal Byline Content

Is Multitasking Efficient Or Is There Something Better?

How To Declutter Your Wardrobe Effectively in 14 Ways

92 Tasty Ideas For An Easy and Healthy Breakfast

For more samples of my writing, visit UnclutterNutter.com. where I write about my personal passion ‘decluttering life’ in every sense of the word! Everything you will find on this website was written by me.


‘Martina has produced some brilliant articles for my well being website and I look forward to working with her again in the future.’
Lisa Hinds – AsWithin.com

Working with Martina has been a breeze from the beginning. She is always very responsive and flexible with working with our brand marketing plans and delivering exceptional writing. Her ability to produce entertaining and informative pieces for our skincare brand blog really helps us to build engagement with our website visitors and gives us incredible content to share through our newsletters and social media platforms. She is always incorporating SEO techniques throughout her pieces and has been flexible with our requirements. She is always very willing to support with ad hoc projects and other unrelated activities and truly feels like a part of our team – regardless of the distance. The team loves Martina and enjoy reading her blogs each week!’ 
Mineli Gagliano – Gloves In A Bottle

‘..I was looking for help with my sales page….and I was blown away by the output. So I hired her to help me with my launch posts for the last week of my program. I LOVED Martina’s work and hiring her was one of the BEST decisions I ever made. She carried my writing style throughout, my tone, and even watched my 5 day course and extracted nuggets from it to create content. Also her personal integrity meant she let me know when something I said wasn’t coming across as intended. Personally I hadn’t expected conversions on this round because of how little lead time I had built into the launch and a 5-day course that wasn’t planned. That I managed to convert had a LOT to do with the copy Martina wrote for me.’
Prabha Nagarajan – Deep Healing Coach

‘Highlights of working with Martina – 1. I was very impressed with her onboarding process. It was quick and painless! The questions she asked made me feel she understood my business and that she would be able to write posts that were unique and tailored to my needs. 2. She was super efficient in producing the posts I’d asked for, providing everything I needed in a couple of days. 3. She produced high quality work – I only needed to ask for 1 or 2 changes, which she did happily and quickly. No messing around with multiple revisions. 4. The finished posts sounded like I had written them myself (but better!). Martina made sure she understood the tone I wanted, and a colleague even remarked that she couldn’t tell it wasn’t me that had written them. I would recommend Martina to others who want good quality copywriting help that is easy and hassle free from someone who cares about understanding your business.’
Katherine Ashton – The Vet Sanctuary

‘Martina I can’t thank you enough for the editing you did for my group programme offer. Although I have done lots of writing in my time, you helped make it concise, snappy, engaging and just got across exactly what I was trying to say. I’d been editing and re-editing and just couldn’t crack it, and within the day you’d transformed it and got it back to me, so I’m now able to start promoting! You saved me lots of time and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Looking forward to working with you again.’
Laura Berryman – Parenting Coach (Peaceful Parents Calm Kids)